Indianetto Ch. 18 (English Version)
Indianetto Ch. 18 (English Version)
di Rossella Regina

14/12/2006 - THE LAST THOUGHT

The same day, before I left,
We decided to get rid of the material evidence of the theft.
So I took my money and put the wallet into a box
To post it to INDIANETTO who was cunning as a fox[1].

But before wrapping it, I added a short text
That will write you in the next.

I guess you were convinced you could have done
And behind my back had fun!

But you didn’t take into consideration my wit
I’m Italian, you have to admitt!

Anyway, this is your wallet from which I took my part:
Hope you will understand that your habit was not smart!

That’s all for now but mind always who you are dealing with
Or of your ruin you’ll be the smith!

[1] Literary translation of an Italian proverb!

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