Indianetto Ch. 19 (English Version)
Indianetto Ch. 19 (English Version)
di Rossella Regina


The story ends up in this way
Hope that “Desgusting!” you want say!
And hope you’ll find it comical at least a bit
I tried Italian humor to the English/Irish one to fit!

Anyway if you find it difficult to laugh,
Please, tickle yourselves or caugh!
Or just try to mime the book with other friends:
Actually the story, in this way, nicer to be tends!

But if you’re unable to laugh after that too,
No prob, really, nothing else you could do!
Just a thing: you could try to get blessed
That could be another useful test!

Then, if you are atheistic and magicians trust
Ask for an irony injection and you’ll get the book fast!

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